Life is an adventure, and in more ways than one (several of which can be seen in the short film Lone). The brief three-minute short depicts a space launch narrated by the person on the shuttle whom we never see. He means to set out into the vastness of space to try and reach the nearest Earth-like planet in hopes of discovering the answer to whether we are alone in the universe or not.

Space exploration can be seen as one of the greatest adventures mankind has ever embarked upon. Leaving our planet, setting out into the unknown where none of us have ever gone before... it's a terrifying prospect with massive risks, but at the same time, it is one of the most daring and incredible things we as human beings can do - and few things worth having come without risks.

Every day that I get up I'm a different person than I was the previous day because the previous day hadn't happened to me then. I constantly try and learn new things and to stay informed. I think about what my ideal look is and strive towards it by modifying my clothes and my look. If I one day reached all my goals and realized I had nothing more to achieve, nothing more to learn, and nothing more to experience, what would I do then? But every day there is a new article to read, a new place to go to, a new song to listen to or a movie to watch... life is an adventure, and it is constantly in motion with new turns of events.

Of course, there are always risks. This is true for another element of adventure present in Lone besides just space exploration - the search for companionship. Humans are social animals, and we crave the company of others. And sure, other people can hurt you, but they can also bring you so much joy and enrich your life. Even if you can shield yourself from hurt by just staying home by yourself, you'll miss all the good that being with other people can bring. And even the most introverted of us don't really want to be alone. We might need our own space sometimes, but we still want others who understand us and validate us. If there are other forms of intelligent life out there, sure they might go Independence Day on us and level our planet. But what if they don't? What if they're friendly? What if us coming into contact with them could end up being beneficial for both parties? Do we really want to miss out on that just because we're afraid?

Even the technology used in Lone is a testament to people going into uncharted territory. The short is entirely computer animated, which would not have been possibly only a few decades ago. But nowadays we can create whatever our minds can cook up inside a computer, and bring to life stories on the big screen that we never could've dreamed of before. But that's the thing - someone did. Someone - or a lot of someones out there - dreamed of the potential to do the seemingly impossible, and boldly set out on an adventure to uncharted territory to find what could make the impossible a reality.

Life is an adventure. Let's not be too afraid to live it. Although if you wanna, say, develop artificial intelligence, maybe watch The Terminator a few times before you do, just to weigh the pros and cons first. You know, just in case.