The Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman, is generally regarded as a myth and a legend. No conclusive evidence of such a creature's existence has been presented to this day, with most photos or videos proven to be fabricated. Regardless, the Yeti has proven to be a great source of inspiration for different works of fiction - some quite fantastical while others a bit more grounded. But what if a creature like the Yeti was indeed real? What if it wasn't just a fantastical tale and was actually a real flesh-and-blood creature roaming the wilderness? Chances are it wouldn't be quite as otherworldly as some works of fiction often make it out to be, but instead a natural part of nature just like any other living thing. And it's this kind of portrait of the Yeti that the short film Yeti Today paints.

When seen from far away, we can buy the idea of the Yeti in the short, but the same can not be said for when the camera comes in for a closer look. For example, there are close-up shots of the Yeti's feet which are clearly the bare feet of the actor inside the Yeti costume. Instead of losing ourselves to an illusion of realism, the short intentionally makes us pay attention to its artificial nature. When you see an actor in a Yeti costume make his way through snow with bare feet, you really can't help but think of much more than how goddamn cold and miserable the actor must've been (kudos to you, brave soul!) Similarly, the Yeti's appearance isn't what you'd expect, as it lacks a proper face. It has no mouth, no nose, no eyes... it looks pretty much like what it actually is - an actor in some strange furry headdress.

Most of the visuals in the short aren't focused on the Yeti itself, but the scenery around it. And by focusing on the scenery and making the Yeti a secondary feature, we grow to see the Yeti not as an extraordinary centre of attention, but more a natural part of the environment. Despite its clearly fake appearance, the Yeti feels real thanks to the backdrop.

While the short is rather uneventful, it's still a fascinating example of how different techniques and aspects of film such as cinematography, location and mise-en-scène can be used to convey specific emotions - even though the last part of the short is clearly nothing more than just silly for the sake of silly.