Although often recognized as a boundless field of music, the electronic scene has a wildly problematic gender imbalance. In 2015, only 10.8% of major festivals line-ups included women, while only 18% of electronic labels have women on their roster. But through initiatives like Smirnoff Sound Collective's new Tribes docuseries and the musical collectives they plan to highlight, the dialogue is open and the global music community is talking, while making giant steps towards a more gender and racially diverse industry.

In the first episode of the Smirnoff Sound Collective series, we're introduced to DISCWOMAN, the NYC-based all-female DJ collective giving female DJs and producers a platform to get booked and get paid, while offering a supportive peer system for each other, like a gang of artistic warriors. From Bushwick NY to Mexico City, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Emma Olson and Christine Tran, travel to celebrate rising woman music-makers, who we also get to hear from during the Tribes inaugural episode. Sandunes, The Black Madonna, Star Eyes, Demian Licht, Nicole Moudaber and Ninasonik all share their experiences with establishing a place and a presence in the electronic music scene, while showing off their skills in the process.

"Music is something that belongs to everyone. It was my way to evolve as a woman," Mexico City-based producer, Demian Licht says in the clip. And with platforms like DISCWOMAN and a spotlight like Tribes, there may soon be a lot more opportunity to do a whole lot more.