Edward Snowden, maybe you've heard of him? To some, he as a patriot whilst to others, he is a domestic terrorist who is now protected by those who want to see America fall. So how did this come to be? How did a nobody working in American intelligence break all the rules and become the man responsible for what has been described as the most far-reaching security breach in U.S. intelligence history? Don't worry, Oliver Stone and JGL have you covered with Snowden.

Directed by Stone, Snowden is going to be an absolute roller coaster ride through those most recent events and to celebrate, Picturehouse Central has invited along a very special guest to join this early screening: Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Swoon! He'll be taking part in a live Q&A after the screening and hopefully someone can convince him to dance.

Tickets are available now for tomorrow’s event.

Fun fact: Edward Snowden only follows one account on Twitter. Without checking, who is it? (Edit: actually it’s two now.)