A British film academic researching Stanley Kubrick's last film – 1999's Eyes Wide Shut – has found a screenplay co-authored by the director with The Graduate scribe Calder Willingham in 1956, which was thought to have been lost to time. Willingham would later work on 1957's Paths of Glory with Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas.

"Burning Secret" is an adaptation of Stefan Zweig's 1913 novella "Brennendes Geheimnis" ("The Burning Secret").. Willingham and Kubrick's version is called "Burning Secret" and was first reported by Bangor University (Wales) film professor Nathan Abrams to BBC Radio this past Sunday, when The Guardian first ran the print story.

"Burning Secret" tells a story of a mother and son on vacation, when the boy is befriended by a mysterious man with the goal of seducing his mother. Abrams was reportedly shown the roughly 100 page screenplay by the son of one of Kubrick's collaborators who wishes to remain anonymous. "Burning Secret" was adapted in German by Robert Siodmak (1946's The Killers) in 1933 under the novella's original German title Brennendes Geheimnis, and in English in 1988 as Burning Secret by Andrew Birkin and starring Faye Dunaway (Bonny and Clyde).

Abrams believes there is enough material here to make a full film – whether that would fit Kubrick's vision is a whole other matter however, as the great director often used screenplays as a rough blueprint, "to which he then added his audiovisual expertise."