The most-watched Netflix shows of 2017

Stranger Things - The 405 Everybody likes a good infographic, don't they? People like saying 'infographic', and people like looking at them. That's why Netflix decided to make the one you can see above. It features cutesy titles such as 'The Shows That Got Us Cheating in 2017'. Fantastic.


Tyler, the Creator x Tiny Desk

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series has thrown us some classics this year, but it seems Tyler, the Creator went straight for the crown. Tyler performed 'Boredom', 'See You Again' and 'Glitter' from his Flower Boy album, all with a band. More of this, Tyler.


Angel Olsen's perfect wrapping paper

Angel Olsen is selling a Holiday Gift Bundle, which includes the usual stuff you'd expect from a musician - music, a tote bag, a t-shirt - but also something we weren't expecting: the rather fetching wrapping paper you can see at the top of this article. Talk about perfect. Spend your money by heading here.


And finally... these two music videos

Quick Thought: The video for Chlöe Howl's perfect song 'Do It Alone', features the singer having fun with her friends. It's as infectious as the song itself.

Quick Thought: She's released one of the best albums of 2017, so it's only right that we continue to heap praise on it. A task easily achieved when she puts out a super sweet video for 'Would You Rather', featuring Conor Oberst.