We live in the weirdest of times. Social media brings out the oddest, most-beastly traits in many people: the President uses it to insult dictators and his opposition; and a shitty musician uses it to challenge a former box office biggie whose star is fading to a fight in the UFC octagon.

We say make the Justin Bieber/Tom Cruise fight to-the-death. Something a la MTV 's Celebrity Death Match, where Cruise doesn't bleed human blood but acid – Xenu turns your blood to acid when you rise so far in The Church, after all – and Justin Bieber's high voice makes Cruise's brain explode; while Cruise uses his tiny stature to be a fast fighter in the Octagon… Let them both fight to-the-death as a semi-possible way to resurrect their already zombified careers.

(While we're at it, let's institute the death match over our profoundly-flawed process to elect a president. Joe Biden versus Donald Trump: Groping-Geezers Going Gonzo 2020. After all, Biden said of Trump, "I'd beat the hell out of him"; while Trump said Biden would "go down fast and hard" in a fight with him. Both should shut up and actually do it.)

Meanwhile, Steve-O of Jackass fame, says he’ll fight Bieber if Cruise doesn’t agree to a bout. "I'm sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cagefighter," Steve-O told TMZ. He says he is in talks with the UFC about getting involved.

Going along with the current weird Idiocracy zeitgeist, we say: "Hell Yes!" to this idea. Go for it Steve-O! As to Tom Cruise, we say grow a pair and get in the Octagon: it'd be waaaay more entertaining than your current work.