"When I think of 8mm, I think of the movies," Steven Spielberg said in support of Kodak's new Super 8 initiative, following the company's announcement that they plan to revive the Super 8 film camera with a new model at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Celebrating its 50th birthday, Super 8 marked the beginning for many young, aspiring filmmakers who have now grown to be at the top of the industry, like Quentin Tarantino, J.J Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Alex Ross Perry.

"When you’re filming something on film, you aren’t recording movement, you're taking a series of still pictures and when shown at 24 frames per second through a lightbulb, that creates the illusion of movement," Tarantino explained. "That illusion is connected to the magic of making movies. The fact that Kodak is giving a new generation of filmmakers the opportunity to shoot on Super 8 is truly an incredible gift."

With the hopes of combining the classic aesthetics of film with the new accessibility of digital technology, Kodak showcased an early protype of their new Super 8 cam at their CES booth.