So you know how Stranger Things made you somehow relate your own childhood to a bunch of kids fighting alone not only against the adult world but also the upside down? And you had a little cry, but you tell yourself that it doesn’t really count because the tears sort of just welled up and swum around, right? They didn’t actually fall. It’s the closest you’ve got to a croak from a tv since you were watched Bambi on VHS as a kid. And now it’s all over, you probably binged the series over a long weekend and now you’re feeling all out of feels? That bitter-sweet emptiness. Well, here’s a little reminder. Put on Frank’s Blonde, look at some fan-art, build up some anticipation for the second series, remind yourself the second series is years away and then go watch the first series over again. That’s my plan, anyway.

Cassie Murphy:

Cuddles and Rage:

Vincius Xavier:

sad scene but still squad goals 😎 #strangerthings #netflix #fanart

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