While Netflix's smash-series Stranger Things may be one of the best things to happen to television this year, it is not without its flaws and could always be better. That's right, we said it. Leave it to us to nitpick good things, nurtured (of course) by our trusty knowledge of televised pop culture moments and 1980s-poised thriller imagery. But isn't that really why film critique matters?

So here you have it, The 405 staff sound off on what they'd like from the second season of Stranger Things.

More Eggos

Mostly, I'm curious what Eleven's syrup style would be when it comes to Eggos. So far we've seen her scarf them down cold in the woods so it stands to reason she's never actually had one as they are meant to be eaten: snatched from a toaster whilst still too hot and covered in corn syrup (sorry maple syrup purists but let's be real, Eggos were meant to be smothered in Aunt Jemima). Would she artfully drizzle the syrup over the Eggo? Carefully fill each little square pocket with syrup? Add a bit of butter first? We need to know. I would also be okay with an entire scene of watching Steve Harrington eat Eggos too. Just sayin'. - Siân Melton

Unresolved Mysteries

In horror, the monster you cannot see is always more terrifying than the one on screen. Likewise the stories you make up yourself to fill in the gaps are more interesting than definitive answers. For this reason, I want some mysteries left unresolved. One of the reasons the first season works so well is because the kids don't expose the whole conspiracy, and what details we get often come from Eleven, whose own understanding comes from personal experience rather than plot-breaking omniscience. We have to make the connections ourselves and that leads to fantastic, and sometimes divisive discussions. Don't take that away from us for the sake of a neat conclusion. - Robert Whitfield

Horror Movie Trope Smashing

With a whopping 25 lines over three episodes, Barb could easily have been forgotten. She was the quiet, awkward girl, clearly dressed by her mother and destined to be the side-kick - she became a fan favourite because we've all been a bit Barb at some point. So it would be very tempting to demand more for her in season two - a resolution and an acknowledgmentof her disappearance. But I don't actually want to see more of Barb, I want to see more like her.

Barb is a deliberate subversion of the "death by sex" trope. She's supposed to be the girl that no-one misses - when Nancy decides to stay at Steve's, Barb is meant to go home and in return for her abstinence she gets to survive and maybe hear about everything that's happened at the end. Nancy, on the other hand, is meant to be penalised by being killed and eaten by the Monster.

Barb resonates because no one apart from Nancy, not even her own parents, seem to miss her. If one of the other less likeable characters had Barb's fate instead, flipping the trope simply wouldn't have worked so well - we just wouldn't have cared.

So, I want to see more clever horror movie trope-smashing in season two - maybe there won't be a woman stuffed in the refrigerator, the black guy survives, and maybe, just maybe, the Monster won't be an oppressive patriarch. - Jess Devonport

A deeper look into the mysterious organisation who experimented on Eleven

Eleven's 'dad'. What a douchenugget. The man kidnapped a child, experimented on her, and emotionally manipulated her into seeing her as a father figure. Yuck. But the question remains: to what end was he committing these unspeakable acts?

We don't know much about the facility that accidentally stumbled upon the Upside Down, or what they were trying to achieve by creating a Firestarter-like child. Season Two of Stranger Things should definitely leave Hawkins, Indiana, and give us a little bit more background about the organisation behind it all.

I mean, Eleven was Eleven. What happened to numbers 1-10? - Brenda Wong

Zero Spoilers

Stranger Things was a summertime revelation - a throwback to the '80s style thriller that we didn't know we wanted or sometimes even deserved. Now that season 1 has been binge-watched by half of the western world, it felt right that season 2 was announced, but what do I want from it? Well...here's the thing. I want to know nothing. Literally, fuck all.

Hype will build for season 2 with trailers being released and spoilers for the show becoming high currency. I for one, don't want to know. That's what I want from season 2 of Stranger Things. I want to watch every episode and not go 'oh it's that bit from the trailer' or 'that guy's Twitter story now makes sense'. Can you do that for me Winona? Can you? Or do I have to spell it out with lights? - Adam Libonati-Roche