Back in 1994, Quentin Tarantino secured his position as one of the most exciting filmmakers of our time with a masterpiece that would forever be engraved deep into that weird, mutable concept that is Pop Culture. Pulp Fiction featured what we may call a dream cast, but although Tarantino wrote some parts specifically for certain actors, he had to be talked into the possibility of second of even third choices.

The recently unveiled document that you can check out below (via this Reddit thread) contains Tarantino's "wish list" for the cast; you'd probably be surprised to know that Travolta wasn't his first option for the Vincent Vega role (Michael Madsen, who had already starred in Reservoir Dogs, was to get the role), and that Lance was supposed to go to John Cusack. Although not all characters are listed (we imagine there's a second and a third page -- as some Reddit users point out, one can read The Wolf's options - which include Warren Beaty - on the top right corner), it's a pretty cool insight to Tarantino's mind and makes us wonder what Pulp Fiction might've ended up becoming had he got his own way.