You know those times when you find yourself down a YouTube rabbit hole, but also find yourself feeling stimulated at the same time? That’s what happens when you watch the work of today’s guest: say hello to Patrick Willems. He’s a film director who has an eclectic style, both with his video essays and his short films.

If you’re familiar with Patrick than it’s most likely due to his whimsically insightful video essays about hallmark films such as The Matrix, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Fast and the Furious etc. But delve deeper into his channel and you’ll also be met with these short films that explore topics we can all relate to, such as going to a high school reunion or the horrors of viewing your account balance.

Patrick loves movies and on this episode of the podcast, our host Ken Grand-Pierre discusses that love, as well as his thoughts on film analysis in 2019, what audiences bring to the table as viewers, how his parents got involved in his videos and much more. You can check out his stellar work on YouTube right here, but first, enjoy our chat with the incomparable, Patrick Willems.

"I’m interested in figuring out why I react to things the way I do."

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