When we were creating the structure for this podcast (contrary to popular belief, once you decide to have a podcast, it does not magically create itself), we decided that the main bulk of it would be talking about what films we saw the week prior. Because we watch so many films. Because we'd of course have piles to pick from each week. Because obviously.

Naturally, last week we only managed to watch one movie between the both of us. Go us. We're really good at this already.

Luckily the film I saw was an amazing one, and will probably end up being one of my favourites of the year. Adult Life Skills! That is the name of the film. (And also something that I need to work on in my actual life.) The film is written, directed--and edited!--by Rachel Tunnard, because she's badass like that. It's a beautiful film that'll make you laugh, cry, and laugh again. It also might make you want to move into a shed in your mum's backyard, which is counter-productive to the point of the film but how could anyone not want to live in a shed named Dawn of the Shed? That's what I thought. Check out the trailer already and then drop everything and go see it:

We also talked about our favourite movie songs, which led to talking about our favourite childhood songs. Do you remember what the first CD you bought with your own money was? (Do you know what a CD is? If not, please go away, you horrendous young person.) Having grown up on Disney films, my musical tastes were nearly all cartoon film soundtracks (and Celine Dion, because duh). Adam did not realize this until it came out during recording and there's yet another nail in the coffin that will be the end of our friendship.

Anyway, if anyone ever needs party entertainment, Adam can definitely still rap the entirety of "Wild Wild West" and all I need is a Martin Short to my Steve Martin to sing "Playing with the Big Boys" from Prince of Egypt.

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