You might've thought we were dead but like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, we can never be killed. Never. After a couple (few?) weeks of working and, as the cool kids say, "self-care," we are back and better than ever. Or at least as good as we used to be! And, really, in times like these we all need to band together and listen to a British dude and Canadian/American girl ramble about movies.

On our first episode back we talk about Arrival and Train to Busan. One of them is about zombies but we'll let you figure out which one. I saw Arrival at LFF and it was just as sublime the second time around—maybe even more so. And Train to Busan is a wild ride (HA!).

We also talk about two upcoming Picturehouse Central events that you won't want to miss: #PatersonDay (a preview of the film Paterson with a poetry reading after) and our next CentralDOCSClub (Gimme Danger, about The Stooges). Maybe it's a coincidence that these two events take place one day after another and both films are directed by Jim Jarmusch but we like to call it fate.

Lastly, do you like to win things? Of course you do! Enter this contest for a chance to win The Night Of on Bluray. If anything win it and give it to me for Christmas, bless you and a Happy New Year.

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