I need you all to listen very carefully to me: go see the new Ghostbusters. Do it. Do it immediately.

Wait, the podcast. Shit. First listen to the podcast! Then go see the film. Yes, that will work. In fact the podcast will probably inspire you to want to see the film more. (If it doesn't, I hate to break it to you but you may be dead inside. Or a toaster.)

I was really excited for Ghostbusters for two reasons: one, because I wanted it to be a fun, hilarious summer blockbuster and two, it's important. Yes, yes, it's important because of Kate McKinnon winking and Chris Hemsworth holding a saxophone and other such shenanigans and badassery but it's also important because we need more films like this. We need more films starring women. We need more films starring women being heroic and funny and smart and sassy and struggling and interesting. Say it with me now: Better. Female. Representation.

But also can we get more of Kate McKinnon eating Pringles, please? On a related note, I have decided to be paint-splattered overalls Pringles-eating Holtzmann for Halloween so if you see any outfit bits around London, help a ghost girl out? Here, a handy visual aid for you:

Along with professing our love for the new Ghostbusters (real talk: I'm already making plans to see it again), Adam talks about some films that remind him of the new Netflix Original series Stranger Things, and I reveal why a particular scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory makes me cry and then Adam judges me harshly for it. (How many more nails will there be in the coffin that marks the end of our friendship, I wonder...)

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