People, people, people. People? Go see Hunt For The Wilderpeople! You've already seen it? Go see it again!

Also, we're rather chuffed that we've made it to 10 podcasts. That's so cool! We're moderately successful and not quitters! We're also chuffed that it's finally fall—er, autumn weather and we can wear layers and jackets and hats. Clearly we need more going on in our lives but whatever. Autumn!

Along with Wilderpeople, we talk about Raindance Film Festival which is HAPPENING RIGHT DAMN NOW, OH MY GOD. Seriously, this is an awesome london-based festival screening some brilliant films, documentaries, shorts, web series, industry events, and even VR experiences. Check out what's happening here. Adam and I will be kicking around at various screenings and events so if you see us say "hi" and tell Adam his bag is really cool.

Lastly, make sure you're free on Monday for our next Central DOCS Club because we are screening De Palma and it's going to be de fabulous! No? Not funny?

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