Last week was an epic week for us. Sure, we finally saw Jason Bourne, but more importantly we devoted an entire week on the blog to the film Nine Lives. And if Kevin Spacey as a cat (Kev Kat ™) isn't epic then we don't know what is.

Jason Bourne was great, if not a little predictable. But I guess after four films you sort of know the drill. We were just happy that the film ended like it always does: with a mike drop from Bourne and THE GREATEST EXIT SONG KNOWN TO MANKIND. Real talk: I have that now bookmarked on my Spotify so I can bust it out for real the next time I need to make a dramatic exit.

Also, Nine Lives. Whoo boy, Nine Lives. You can read my review here. If I can convince at least one more person (aside from Adam) to go see that film I'll be happy. In fact, if anyone wants to come with us, give us a shout on Twitter and we'll organize a Nine Lives outing. It'll be purr-fect! Ha! Puns.

We also bust out what is arguably the best film double bill ever: Home Alone and MouseHunt. Yeah, think about that for a minute....perfect, right? Right! Now, the only thing better than a double bill is a triple bill and we want your input. What do you think would go perfectly with those two films? POLL TIME, SUCKAS:

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