“??????? is one of the best films of the year!”

What film are we giving that accolade to in this week’s jam-packed 405 Film Podcast? Listen as we dissect a day of films that included The Great Wall, John Wick: Chapter 2 and Hidden Figures. It was an actual day—a sunny day of sorts where a six-hour film binge took place with a foot-long Subway in between. (It was an Italian BMT on herbs & cheese if you were wondering.)

To start with, let’s state the obvious: John Wick: Chapter 2 is the best action movie you will see all year. It’s stylish, precise and with a kill count rivalling that of an abattoir, it’s an action movie you won’t want to miss. Instead of spoiling the movie, we talk about why you should go and see it and how Common nearly steals the whole film. That’s right, Common. Not Laurence or Keanu but that lad Common who acted in Smokin' Aces 10 years ago (cripes, that was 10 years ago).

The film that the world needs right now, Hidden Figures, gets The 405 critique as Siân finally gets to talk about a film she’s been pining to see since its American release last year. It may have surprised a few in its Oscar nomination but a single watch of this Theodore Melfi directed flick is enough to realise how special it is. We’ll be going to see it again probably.

Is Matt Damon the saviour China needs? Find out as we start the podcast dissecting Jason Bourne’s voyage into the China box office receipts. Should there be more words about The Great Wall in this write up? Probably. Will I add more? Nope. Listen to the podcast and find out

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