Amy Adams didn't get an Oscar nomination for Arrival, so really guys, what is up with the world? How did that even happen? She was that movie. She solved the language problem, made contact with aliens in a way that hasn't occurred since Contact, yet, the academy decided nada.

In episode 20 of The 405 Film Podcast with Picturehouse Central, I'm joined by special guest Katie Deighton to discuss La La Land, its 14 Oscar nominations and whether it deserves the plaudits. The film has swept moviegoers of their feet with its whimsical yet realistic look at the Hollywood dream, but 14 seems a bit overkill.

Plus, in a 405 Film Podcast first, we start introducing you to our writers starting off with Alexandra Howard as she brings us her Netflix recommendation for the week in Under the Skin.

If you were wondering where Siân is this week, don't, she is off running around Park City for Sundance Film Festival. She'll be back for next week's episode to talk about the festival and give her picks of films we need to know about in 2017

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