If we can recommend anything for you to NOT do, it would be to follow up a family-friendly animated film with David Fincher's Seven. Or Se7en if you're a cool kid.

Seriously, I'm not sure if I need to say anything else? But I will, because, well, I dunno. Yeah!

Anyway. Moana is probably my favourite Disney movie since Mulan. Real talk: Frozen is good but it isn't this good. Especially the soundtrack. Other than "Let It Go," what other songs are particularly great? Exactly. I've had the Moana soundtrack on repeat for days now. It's on Spotify (including demos from Lin-Manuel Miranda) so what are you waiting for?

We also decided to watch Zootopia, which is called Zootropolis in the UK for reasons. I don't know why anyone would waste the time and effort to change all the dialogue and visuals from one word to a very similar sounding other word. One of the many mysteries of our time, I'm sure.

Have a listen to the podcast for more, including my next Christmas pick! What could it be? Oh, right, I put a picture of it in that glorious banner image. There goes that surprise...

Lastly, be sure to join us at our next Central Docs Club screening of The Eagle Huntress on Monday, 19 December! It's a beautiful documentary that will leave you with a lot to talk about.

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