There's a time in everyone's life when they realise that you need to lie back, breathe deeply and let Christmas just take over. Stop restricting the festive cheer; the big C will only hit harder the longer you put it off. So with that in mind, Siân's Christmas Pick returns this week with the incredibly festive yet damn right depressing Jack Frost. Should a child really get comfortable when a father returns as a snowman? Well, this 1998 Christmas movie seems to feel that's all good in the world as well as having Michael Keaton playing the father. What did he do wrong to deserve this? Multiplicity wasn't that bad.

That's not all. I (me, Adam Libonatti-Roche) give you another Netflix recommendation to watch in Gone Girl, whilst Siân talks about Rosamund Pike yet again in Amma Asante directed A United Kingdom. In short, she loves the film and 100% believes you should go see it now. Here's a link to the showing times at Picturehouse Central if you live in London and you're feeling too lazy to search for it yourself.

There's also room (I know right, a feature packed podcast) for Jim Jarmusch's 'Paterson'; a tale of delightful poetry, being and Adam Driver fulfilling his surnames prophecy by driving a bus. Well done Adam, you've outdone yourself and I guess Minnie (Driver). Is Paterson a film for your parents to watch? Listen to the podcast and Siân's opinion to find out as she explores the un-mundane day to day life of Paterson. Let me recommend a film not to watch with your parents, Step Brothers. That didn't work out well.

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This week's randoms thoughts:

  • Tilda Swinton in Dr. Strange; is that how Tibetan monks sound?
  • Adam Driver doesn't mind commutes
  • Sian can write incredible haikus