We're back! Did you miss us? Of course you did. There was probably a void in your life last week. I hope you filled it with ice cream.

Despite the extra week off, Adam and I still hadn't managed to see a film in the cinema together (after recording this, we had our Central DOCS Club screening of the incredible documentary The Confession) but that's alright because we're very busy people. He's busy running the internet and I'm busy not having a job and watching children's films.

We did manage to come together over the past week to discuss my latest obsession: the Rock FF8 feud. You probably know all about it by now. And like me you're probably still reeling from it. I remember exactly where I was when I read that now fabled status update when the Rock called out one of his male co-stars as being candy asses. I was in bed. Ah, wasn't that a great story.

Only time will tell if this feud will affect the FF franchise but that's alright because we have other things to distract ourselves with. Like the new Bad Boys movie. Adam had a lot of thoughts about the recently announced third film and I didn't really have any because I'm a garbage person and haven't seen the first or second. But I AM good as singing the song so at least there's that.

As always, we have some awesome Netflix recommendations for you and we talk a little bit about the next Central DOCS Club screening, Tickled. I cannot impress upon you all the importance of seeing this documentary with us and the Club. Seriously.