The BFI London Film Festival wrapped up a few days ago but it already feels like a few years. Sleep deprivation and a massive amount of films seen will do that to a person.

This was my and Adam's first time covering the festival and we had a blast. We laughed, we cried. One of us decided to sleep in and skip Arrival (ahem). We made new friends. We consumed too much caffeine. All in all it was a fantastic experience. (You can read our film coverage here.)

When the press screenings concluded last week, we decided to mark the occasion with a special podcast. Somehow we convinced three people to be our guests. Our first ever podcast with guests! (Although if you realllyyyyyy think about it, Adam has just been a guest on my podcast this entire time.)

We were blessed (#blessed) to have Toby from Picturehouse Central and Matt and Niki from Hoxton Movies radio show join us as we looked back on the craziness of London Film Festival. And there was one thing we unanimously agreed on:

We all want to see a naked Ryan Gosling playing the keytar.

For the rest of our thoughts, gotta listen. Muahaha.

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