We finally did it. We finally saw Suicide Squad. And if we could only use one word to describe it, we'd have to pick perplexing. If we had to use a bunch of words, well, you can listen on the podcast.

We really dug into it yet barely scratched the surface because we left out the riveting dialogue ("Go get 'em, girl."), Will Smith's jaunty hat in a flashback scene (yeah, I just wanted to use the word "jaunty" in a sentence), and the phone apps ("Stop right there or I'll kill you with this app. Ah shit, there's no wifi in here?!").

Irregardless, go see Suicide Squad. It's a perplexing mash-up of sights and sounds and story-arcs—all set in the beautiful city of Toronto! (As a Canadian, I am legally required to mention every time a film is shot in Toronto. All hail maple syrup and Celine Dion.) And, seriously, you will never, ever, EVER see another film that follows up a clip of the White Stripes with a clip of Eminem. Jesus take the wheel.

In good news, Pete's Dragon is amazing! It's magical and everything that the BFG wishes it was. Not saying the BFG was bad, mind, but it was missing a little somethin' somethin'. Pete's Dragon is all wonder and fluffy dragon hugs so you really can't go wrong.

Since we recorded, Karen Gillan was announced as a co-star in the Jumanji Not A Reboot film. We're very excited about that, obviously. But now I'm starting to get worried. Where are the kids? There have to be kids. It's a god damn children's movie. Think about it.

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