Winter has just begun to settle down, though the beginning of spring has not been enough to off-set the cold dragged in from the infamous "beast from the east." The kids are out of school and not even a boat load of chocolate eggs will keep them entertained.

Whether it be to sit down with the whole family or to sneak off while the children are successfully subdued into a candy coma, we have got the list of the films you could and should be watching this Easter. (without having to pay £200 to see Peter Rabbit fight the forgotten Weasley Brother)

So sit back, wonder why egg-shaped chocolate has anything to do with a religious holiday, then decide not to care and escape into the magical world of film.

1. The Shape of Water (2017)

Starting with the obvious, The Shape of Water just won Guillermo Del Toro a handful of those acclaimed golden statues. A decision that showcases the Oscars moving in a promising direction. Though not appropriate for the whole family, this magical film blends musical, monster movie, horror and fantasy into an unmissable dramatic love story. Sally Hawkins (pictured above) gives the performance of her career as she falls in love with a complicated but compassionate creature. A story that feels timeless and that should be a welcomed escape from the compassionate creatures that are home from school.

2. The Greatest Showman (2017)

Sticking with films in immediate memory, The Greatest Showman tells the story of an animal-abusing circus performer, through the power of pop music. Bear with me, because I know that sounds off-beat and perhaps not really the lightest fare for this joyous holiday (side-note: are hot cross buns supposed to symbolize the Crucifixion of Christ?, oh joy.) But The Greatest Showman is bundles of fun for every member of the family.  So, sing along with your loved ones and Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron because this is a movie that will out-camp the bonnets you had to make in primary school.

3. Chef (2014)

One thing that Easter doesn't have that every other holiday seems to be based around (beside commercialism, Easter has that) is a good meal. So, if you're not tied down to eating anything in particular this Easter Sunday, why not a Cuban Sandwich? Chef provides this tasty dish among others to get your mouth and mind watering for recipes. Jon Favreau pictured above, stars, writes and directs this incredible passion project, where with the help of his trusty sidekick John Leguizamo (also pictured above) lives out his dreams of being a food truck operator.  Toss out the stale lamb chops and inject some spice this Easter.

4. Manchester by the Sea (2016)

I know what you're thinking, Easter shouldn't be all doom and gloom, that's why the next film we are suggesting is the Amazon Prime backed film Manchester By the Sea. Nothing will bring more happiness to a frankly sketchy holiday than a beach holiday by the sea. Bring some warmth into the much-needed frosty spring we're having. Find out why everyone is talking about the exciting police station scene (pictured above) and be ready to welcome Casey Affleck into the ranks with the greats. Joining Jim Carrey, Bill Murray and all the dramatic actors who finally took a turn at comedy and nailed it.

5. The Grand Beardapest Hotel (2014)

This weekend Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs finally comes to cinemas. But before you see that, find out where it all began with the first Wes Anderson animated animal adventure The Grand Beardapest Hotel. A film filled with colourful characters and insane shenanigans. Watch as Gustave the bear hotel manager is wrongfully imprisoned and must learn to make a shank out of a marmalade jar. Again, another one for the entire family to gather round and watch intently.

That's it. The films you should be watching this egg hunting blasphemous holiday. I hope this gives you ideas on how to celebrate without having to spend any more after being bankrupted by confectionary.

Happy Easter and Happy April Fool's Day!