Basketball might've originated in the United States, but it's increasingly becoming one of the world's favourite sports. Watching these movies helps basketball betting players to grasp the spirit of the sport, and the special basketball situations that can occur in a match. Thanks to that, they can have an accurate view and assessment when betting on this fascinating sport at reputable betting sites like NBA betting PA.

Let's review the best basketball movies worth watching.

Coach Carter

Richmond is a basketball team that gathers a lot of talent but has an undisciplined and loose lifestyle. Although the team has a lot of talent, the results of the tournaments showed that they left a lot on the table. Every time they face a defeat, they choose to solve it by fighting. Until Ken Carter arrives to shake things up.

Glory Road

A story about basketball? Yes. But really it's a film rooted in much larger topic matters, such as racism. Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) decides to build a team based on talent rather than race, which leads to a lof tension in a largely conservative town and era. Very inspiring.

Basketball Diaries

The content of the film revolves around Jim Carroll (Leonardo DiCaprio), who falls into the world of drugs. But before that, he was a member of a basketball team - his life revolving around the court. The only way out is with a basketball in hand. But can he do it?


The film is about the life of famous NBA star Kevin Durant and how he was able to gain glory. The main content of the film is the story of Durant and a passionate fan who is only 16 years old. An accident happens, and the kid magically gets all of Durant's powers. It's a rollercoaster ride.

White men can’t jump

Thi movie aired in the US in 1992 with our main character, Billy Hoyle. He is a former basketball player of Lowa Hawkeyes who makes a living by challenging other players. Until one day, he meets Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes). And the rest, they say, is history.

The best basketball movies not only give us relaxing moments but also lessons about the spirit and change the way we think, overcome the challenges, never giving up on your dreams.