American Horror Story is a series that masterfully does psychological horror in every season installment in the anthology. It plays very well in that vein of horror as a whole: not just the blood and jump scares that also mark it. Series creator Ryan Murphy is notoriously mum on details as well. Often driving fans of the series crazy.

And if we’re honest, we love every minute of it.

Season 7 of FX’s horror hit, titled Cult is slated for a September 5th release date in the US (viewers in the UK can typically watch episodes two days after their American airing). Cult will be focusing on the 2016 Presidential Election and all the bedlam wrought after it — likely in some sort of horrific exposition of the dynamics of crowd psychology, as the openings for AHS always contain nuggets of what is to come.

We’ll just let you see for yourself in the just released opening credits for the new season, embedded below: