The second instalment of our Reimagining sees lo-fi Los Angeles duo 18+ taking on a melancholy sequence from Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue (1993). The first part of the director's 'colours' trilogy, completed by White and Red (both 1994), explores the idea of liberty in modern French life, an element the colour represents in the country's flag. The film charts the changes in protagonist Julie's life after the death of her husband and daughter and paints a picture of both her grieving and eventual redemption.

The scene that 18+ score here is taken from the very beginning of the film, and shows us the car crash that shatters Julie's life in a dreamlike and near-ethereal manner. Kieslowski's cinematic power lies in his expressive imagery and immaculate use of atmosphere, and this wordless scene ranks amongst his best, establishing the love the family shares before underscoring it with a surreal, hazy menace.

18+'s score is therefore suitably dark and introspective, a brooding acoustic number heightened with an icy use of autotune, and the evocative word 'blue' forming the crux of the lyrical content. At once enigmatic and painfully honest, the track perfectly encapsulates the visual tone of the scene and, just as Kieślowski often did, uses silence and sparseness to generate raw human emotion.

By stripping the score back to its bare bones and smartly combining acoustic and digital, 18+ here create a moment of chilling beauty.

The Original

18+'s Version