The Sandlot is one of those movies that is quintessential Americana. Baseball; summer; the pool; legends boys spin about the curmudgeon next door and his hell hound that devours everything, even wayward kids.

The original turns 25 this year and with that anniversary, 20th Century Fox is in early development on a prequel to the 1962-set feature. Plot details are being held close to the vest but Deadline is reporting a source telling them that the prequel will look more at the legend of “the Beast”, the hell hound owned by old man Mr. Mertle (played by James Earl Jones) in the first movie.

Although not much else is known about the prequel right now, we do know David Mickey Evans is co-writing the film with Austin Reynolds.

Stay tuned to The 405 for more on this as we hear it and enjoy the trailer for the original The Sandlot below.