Does the talent run in the family? What’s the secret of the Skarsgards’ phenomenon? Is that true that almost all Skarsgard family members are involved in the acting business?

It’s time to get a bit more insight into yet another clan of celebrities who became a new Hollywood’s addiction. So sit back, prepare your popcorn and something cool and refreshing to wash it down with, because a hot dish is about to be served!

It seems that anywhere you look, whatever show you choose to watch nowadays, there is always a pretty big chance of running into one of the Skarsgards in the leading role, right?

You are probably familiar with two major TV and movie stars who originate from this well-known Swedish family. Alexander Skarsgard and Bill Skarsgard have already found their ways to most teenage girls’ dreams and hearts. The reasons for that are a bit different in each case, though.

While Bill caught the wave of recent hype around Stranger Things’ theme and made an unforgettable appearance in a pretty much alike movie IT, Alexander, his older brother, owes most of his success to the show that caught the attention of millions of viewers around the world and had been keeping up the suspense for six years - True Blood.

If you are not a big fan of vampire movies and TV shows, you might also recognize him from the 2016 film Tarzan and hyper-popular series Big Little Lies.

But these guys are not the only representatives of the Skarsgards clan who deserve our closer attention. Let’s just take the head of the family Stellan Skarsgard who is quite praiseworthy despite not being an obvious object of teenagers’ adoration.

This well-established actor started his career back in 1972 and quickly became a popular Swedish movie star. Later in 1985 he moved to the US and made his first attempts to conquer Hollywood. You may recognize him from such big projects as Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, and Mamma Mia.

Talking about his childhood on Conan Talk Show, Alexander revealed some interesting facts about growing up in a family where “normality” was off the menu:

“I think I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants.’ ‘He was always naked.” “That’s the way I was raised, and it was [like this] until [my brother and I started] bringing girls over, then we felt a little uncomfortable about it.”

Stellan himself prefers to raise his children in a bit frivolous way, letting them be independent in their decisions and choose their own life paths.

“From the age of 16, it’s not your business what they decide to do in life, you have to let them make those decisions themselves,” he told while being interviewed by one of the Swedish journals. “Otherwise they will probably accuse you of ruining their lives, or think that they have a good life thanks to dad, and that would be equally horrific.”

Also, let’s not forget about his stunning appearance in an Emmy-nominated show Chernobyl that became a worldwide sensation scoring the highest ratings on IMDb.

Do you remember how genius his acting was in that show? Being a bit of a hippie and a bohemian sort of artist in real life, he totally fitted into the role of a Soviet politician Boris Shcherbina who was in charge of the Chernobyl cleanup. It looks like he fully merged with his new personality, not letting his true identity show up even for a second.

This actor definitely deserves our respect. But what about other Skarsgards? Because believe it or not, Stellan brought eight equally talented and bright personalities into this world: Alex, the firstborn, Gustav, the Viking, Sam, the tallest, Bill, the IT, Eija, the only girl, Valter, the ‘most handsome’ (in his brother Bill’s opinion), and two other children who are still too young to have a career. Can you imagine being born with perfect genes? It’s like playing roulette for money and win big!

Despite being famous as an acting family where almost everybody’s in the show business, only five of Skarsgards are actors. We have already mentioned three of them and using easy math we have the other two left on the plate.

Let’s talk a little about Gustav, the second born and the Viking.

That’s the nickname that he is most known by in the circles of people who are familiar with a show where he’s currently starring. Gustav’s character’s name is Floki in the Irish-Canadian TV drama series ‘surprisingly’ called The Vikings. His latest large project is the mega-popular show West World where he plays Karl Strand. And these are probably his biggest works in Hollywood. However, let’s not forget about his long career back in Sweden when he made his name as a talented actor and a public’s favorite.

Another ‘little star’ of the family is Valter Skarsgard. At the moment, this actor has no large Hollywood projects in his portfolio. One of the biggest is the Swedish drama Black Lake, which was aired on BBC. Nevertheless, his brother Bill is convinced that he is the next ‘big thing’ in the family.

That would be unfair to leave the two non-acting siblings out, provided they are both pretty successful in spheres of their occupation.

Sam Skarsgard took after his mother, My, and became a medical doctor. He works as a physician in an ICU in Stockholm. His sister Eija is a popular Swedish model.

But the most important question is still on the menu. Why this family became so popular in Hollywood, and why do we all love them so much? In our humble opinion, the answer is pretty simple. Just look at them: they are all tall, handsome, incredibly talented, and foreign as hell! And we all love fresh blood in Hollywood, don’t we?