The title of this article says it all; they're remaking the MacGyver TV show and I'm not sure that we need it. That's not just because MacGyver is a classic from an era of television where smoking was what everyone did but because it just doesn't need an update. I'm not grumpy, just confused.

Here's what I know

George Eads is in this. I know him. He did things in CSI (the original series, not the second rate Miami series). That's all he's done actually

Lucas Till is stepping into Richard Dean Anderson's DIY boots by playing Angus MacGyver. He's getting famous as part of the "X-Men Past, Future, Present, Apocalypse, 2 Big Macs please" reboot.

Sandrine Holt is possibly the most famous actress in this and come on now Sandrine, I know you want another franchise but this is not worth it.

Golden Age of Televison

We are currently travelling through the Golden Age of Television with shows like 'The Night Of...', 'Mr Robot' and obviously 'Game of Thrones' pushing the bar of what episodic shows are capable of. There may always be a gap for popcorn television but right now, I think the average television consumer is looking for so much more.


I'm not grumpy as fuck, but watch the trailer and tell me what you think by tweeting me @baconchin on Twitter.