A new trailer has dropped for the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One. Last year’s The Force Awakens, which starred robot BB-8 (wait, what was its mission again?) and his two sidekicks (a dude who was stormtrooper and then wasn’t and a lady who didn’t like her hand being held), premiered to both critical acclaim and insane box office numbers. It can be assumed that Rogue One will do the same this winter.

The initial teaser trailer cleverly didn’t reveal the star of the film, instead focusing on the lesser human characters. Sure, that lady: that’s what the fans are here for. Sure.

The wait is finally over, though, as today we were finally given a few glimpses of our leading man—er, droid. And damn, we were not disappointed.

His name: K-2SO. His mission: to be taller than everyone.
Also, to steal some Death Star plans along the way. Maybe even give hugs (doesn’t it look like he’s a good hugger?). Like all Star Wars films, he has a band of adorable, bumbling humans to help him out. We expect they'll have story arcs of their own—silly human affairs like "redemption" and "making friends"—but they'll only be filler to K-2SO's droid journey.
Whilst last year’s BB-8 communicated via rolls, beeps, and sometimes a lighter, this year’s K-2SO is able to speak. Not only speak, but tell jokes too, like when he tells his lady sidekick he might kill her. Oh robot humour, it is the best! She looked so scared! Ha. K-2SO also shows his prowess for statistics, a much needed skill on any dangerous mission. “He means well.” Yes, yes he does. And don’t f**king forget it.

K-2SO is voiced by actor Alan Tudyk, a wise choice on the studio’s part as Tudyk has experience bringing robot characters to life from his turn as Sonny in I, Robot. Rogue One also stars some other people playing humans and possibly aliens but who cares.