By The Sea looks pretty tense, doesn't it? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are back in their first joint screen effort since Mr & Mrs Smith. They star as a married couple holidaying in France in the '70s. Written and directed by Angelina, this may be the jump into the awards season that she's been steadily working towards since her move behind camera.

Tarantino is riding the upturned western genre to a creative eden in The Hateful Eight. Beware of the rumoured Channing Tatum appearance; although, who hasn't wondered what kind of film would bring Channing and Samuel L Jackson together?

After watching the trailer for Life, you may have some strong opinions. Something along the lines of, 'they got that guy to play James Dean?' or, 'Really? Robert Pattinson in another film?'. Both of those questions are great one, because it seems like the casting will be the most interesting part of this film.