If you've been on the internet this week and seen a little more of Chris Hemsworth than you bargained for, then you've probably seen a tiny bit of the trailer for Vacation. About two decades since the first film was released, we return to 'Walley World' with the Griswold family. Maybe the most realistic family pairing in recent years with Christina Applegate and Ed Helms. Can the nostalgia of family holidays of yesteryear be refound? Will Chris Hemsworth mainly be in his underwear? Who knows.

Rosamund Pike's first film post Gone Girl is set to be as chilling with Return To Sender. Pike plays a nurse who is attacked (it's likely rape, but no other articles online are confirming this) in her home by a stranger. After his arrest, she begins to visit him in prison and then I'm sure something grizzly ensues.

And finally an animation of the prettiest kind with Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet: