In films that continue to question what a romantic comedy should look like, Sleeping With Other People definitely looks like a charmer. As it's from the writer/director of Bachelorette, you know it's not gonna conform to Hollywood rom-com standards, and will probably be full of innuendos even Tina Fey would be proud of. Great stuff. Starring Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Scott, get ready to fall in love with these commitment-phobes.

Being set in the '80s, it's likely Ten Thousand Saints is gonna have a killer soundtrack. Ethan Hawke continues to ride the wave Boyhood bought him with a healthy amount of films coming out this year. Throw in Emily Mortimer and you've got a film intriguing enough for me to go 'Hmmm' at.

Now I have never actually watched any of the Rocky films so I can't even say that this is an unnecessary follow on. Maybe it's just an excuse for Sylvester Stallone to feel important again? Creed follows the son of Stallone's former rival Apollo Creed, appropriately named Adonis, as he follows his father into the world of boxing. I legit could not be less bothered about this.