Could this be the comedy sequel hit Adam Sandler has been waiting for with Hotel Transylvania 2? Sandler wrote the second instalment as well as voicing Dracula, and is joined by Selena Gomez, Kevin James and Andy Samberg in this family-friendly supernatural flick. Aside from featuring Mel Brooks in its cast, I see no redeeming quality for adults having to sit through this with their kids. None.

Written, directed and starring Helen Hunt, here is Ride. It's the story of a single mum who travels across America to California, following her son after he drops out of college in pursuit of surfing; so naturally she takes it up to. Crossing paths with Luke Wilson along the way, this looks like it's gonna be the feel-good film of the summer with bonus surf tips. Also, newbie Brenton Thwaites is a Home and Away alum, so listen out for his impressive American accent

American comedian Nick Kroll flexes his dramatic muscles inAdult Beginner. Down-and-out Jake seeks refuge at his sister's (played by Rose Byrne) place, so living with her, her husband and their growing family, Jake becomes their nanny – or manny, if you will. Cue early-life crisis, weird family bonding and Jane Krakowski as a swimming instructor.