Anyone that's known me long enough knows about my love of Tom Cruise films. I don't care about his personal life, give me a Tom Cruise film and 90% of the time I will love it. So with my ongoing love/hate relationship with sequels/prequels/crossovers and reboots, you bet that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is going to be in the 'love' section. Not only does it feature Cruise hanging onto a plane from the outside during take off, it has Alec Baldwin playing a is he good or is he super evil and magnificent' character.

Our second Simon Pegg trailer in one post is Man Up. Pegg is still semi-hedging his bets on becoming a romantic lead, albeit an unconventional one. With an equally funny Lake Bell, it seems like a casting match made in quirky comedy heaven.

Paper Towns is the second John Green novel to be turned into a film in the space of a year. Expect him to turn into the teen movie equivalent of Nicholas Sparks with a book/film released every 18 months. I'm staying silent on the whole 'model turned actress' theme because this trailer isn't long enough for me to form an opinion on Cara Delevingne's acting, let alone get over the 'mysterious, quirky, sad' girl trope that seems to be still be plaguing YA fiction.