Not only have the fears of David Lynch's impromptu departure from the hyped reincarnation of his '90s cult classic television show Twin Peaks been put to rest, it's now become apparent that there'll be even more episodes than originally thought.

After being originally ordered for nine episodes on Showtime, the show's third season will now expand to an excitedly large 18 episodes. This, of course, comes with the assumption that it'll be the only follow-up season to the show. These, however, can still be officially penned as rumours, as they were revealed during discussions at Seattle’s Crypticon's by series actresses Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee.

During the discussion, it was suggested that the show's original composer Angelo Badalamenti would also be returning, to the delight of fans. Many other details about the show, which returns in 2016, were revealed during the discussion, which can be seen in full below.