It's déjà vu: the return of Twin Peaks has been properly confirmed for 2017 now. David Lynch's cult series was already slated to be revived in 2017, confirmed by series co-creator Mark Frost, whereas the network attached to the new series, Showtime, were promoting it for 2016 (see below).

Well, now at least speculation can stop. Entertainment news site Deadline has confirmed that Twin Peaks will be arriving on our screens once more in 2017, citing a new statement from Showtime’s Q3 earnings call. Previously David Nevins, Showtime's President, had tried to push for a 2016 premiere.

Why is that? Is it because in the last episode of Twin Peaks Laura Palmer tells Agent Cooper that she'll see him in 25 years (see above)? The episode was aired in 1991, when the series came to a close; 25 years later is 2016. It would've tied in nicely - to what? Who can possibly, possibly know.