Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

The film symbolises for me this quest that most young people face in life - searching for an answer or for more from life, especially when you feel a little outside of the expected humdrum or a lack of belonging.

It's strange to see the role that hyperreality or technology plays in plugging this gap, offering our souls feigned comfort that we begin to crave to such an extent that we may become obsessed and reliant on it. Portable technology is our comfort blanket and has replaced the stagnant tv in the home as the heart of the household that used to be the fire place. I wonder the true ramifications of this.


I love this book and the film I think is beautifully done. The song 'Orlando' was inspired by both of these.

Reality Bites

I watched this again recently and thought it was interesting this idea firstly of what really happens when you graduate and secondly in this world were you are paid for social media content - where do you draw the line with ethics and ownership?

Die Verachtung

I say Die Verachtung because I have a German copy but watch it in French with German subtitles. The colours and precision with the scenes and scriptwriting make such an impression. Plus, I love Brigitte Bardot in this, she's beautiful.

Cat People

I suffered from serious insomnia for much of my childhood and it peaked at around 14-19. When I was about 16, Channel 4 had this horror movie season, where they used to play all the classic horror films throughout the night. This served as great company for those endless nights. I also enjoy how horror serves as a vehicle to express social fears or phobias.

Bonus: Women Without Men

Must also mention Taste of Cherry and recent film Sonita.

Before going to Iran late last year for a music residency, I immersed myself in as much contemporary and classic film, art, music and literature as possible. These films were so delicate and beautiful, which I think also represents my time and experience there, whilst at the same time expressing personal obstacles or demons, interacting with life and its questions or restrictions, using most finely crafted tools and colour palette. Something that made a huge impression whilst I was there was the naturally soft pastel purple, green and beige colour of the mountains that surround tehran - they were like sleeping dragons guarding the city.

The people I encountered were very gentle and hospitable. Iran has such a rich history of arts, music and culture, closely intertwined with the social and political shifts of the time as well as being hugely influenced by immigration into the country or travellers going through it, due to its central location.

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