Icelandic experts of mellifluous subtle-tones, Pascal Pinon, are about to release their third album, Sundur, and mellifluous it is and full of (yes, you guessed it) subtle tones it certainly is too.

The phrase "cinematic feel" gets thrown around quite often these days with regard to music but we're not going to let that stop us from describing Sundur as one which gives us cinematic feels because, well, it does just that.

And this brings us to our next point: as the sisters have produced a record with music that is very much filmic in its overall sound, we thought we'd put them through our tried and tested quizionnaire about five of the films that have influenced them. Jófríõur Ásthildur rose to the challenge and here are her five picks.

American Beauty

The 405: Who's your favourite character?
The plastic bag.

In your opinion, have any of Sam Mendes' other films come close to his directorial work on this one?
It's actually the only one I've seen by Sam Mendes.

Oh, right. Best scene?
Any scene with Lester Burnham / Kevin Spacey lifting.

Pride and Prejudice

The 405: Let's be honest here, what's so appealing about Mr Darcy?
His realness.

Why do you think this Jane Austen classic resonates with so many people?
Because it's the perfect romcom. It's got struggles, beauty, romance and humour.

Best scene?
The beginning scene.

The Lobster

The 405: What is it about this film that you particularly love?
How completely surreal and abstract the situation is but how genuine and relatable the people are.

Do you have a favourite character?
The short-sighted woman, Rachel Weiz.

Cool, why her?
Because she's a true lover.

Which scene is the one that has stayed with you the most after watching The Lobster?
When Rachel was made blind. It's sad, ironic and brilliant all at the same time.

Jackie Brown

The 405: OK, so is Jackie Brown your favourite Tarantino film?
Yes. I think I like it better than Kill Bill, which is also high up there.

Tough call. Why does it score higher than Kill Bill for you?
I used to have it on VHS tape. It's sentimental. But I think the main reason why it's a favourite is that, of course it's a great story but also just portrays every day folks as extremely badass cool people.

Is there a certain moment in the film that you are particularly fond of?
It's such an intricate storyline, I can't tear it apart into scenes. I love Jackie.

What's your favourite bit on the soundtrack?
The Delfonics! The soundtrack is pretty.

Black Cat White Cat

The 405: What is it about this film that you particularly love?
The playfulness and joy throughout struggles.

Did you first watch it at the cinema or on a 'home device'?

Do you have a favourite character?
Dadan the gangster!

Any particular reason?
Because he's got golden teeth.

Well, that's as good a reason as any, really. And which scene in the film has stayed with you the most after watching it?
The pigs eating a car.

Sundur is out on 26 August via MORR MUSIC.