David Bowie's first film, the 1967 horror film The Image, has surfaced online. The 14-minute film originally screened between two sex films at a London theater. A 20-year-old Bowie appears alongside co-star Michael Byrne, who plays a young artist whose portrait comes to life, while Bowie plays the haunting physical manifestation of the painting. The clip is considered rare but it's finally here for your viewing pleasure.

"It got an X-certificate. I think it was the first short that got an X-certificate. For its violence, which in itself was extraordinary," said the film's director Michael Armstrong. Speaking to the WSJ, the director described the young Bowie as "very pretty" and "flirtatious." The Image ran at the Jacey Cinema for several weeks in 1967, and Armstrong recalls Bowie calling him once from the venue to report that the other patrons, who had come for the porn, were definitely confused. "He thought it was hilarious," he remembers.