DC Universe is launching its own streaming service for fans this Fall, with live-action and animated content.

Fans will have access to Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, and Titans as original live-action shows and Harley Quinn and Young Justice as animated shows. All are being developed by Warner Brothers. Titans is slated for a release later this year and all the others are slated for 2019.

DC Universe will also have selections from its classic superhero films and shows available for exclusive viewing windows, including the four original Superman films with Christopher Reeve, Batman: The Animated Series, and the original Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter.

DC Universe's platform is "Watch-Read-Connect-Explore-Win-Shop", and towards that end a curated selection of vintage comic books will also be able on the service, in addition to contests, merchandise, an encyclopedia on the DC Universe and social sites for fans.

The full DC Universe launch will be later this Fall but interested fans can head here to take a look at and sign up for the beta launch in early August. Enjoy the trailer DC prepared below.