Summing up the current career of former Oscar-winner Halle Berry is a trying effort. While still very much a star, her recent filmography is a bit scatological. For every new X-Men installment, there's a batch of "huh" duds like the 2013 films The Call and the supremely atrocious Movie 43. However, Berry has a brand new action-thriller to add to her growing resume with Kidnap, and it looks promising.

Kidnap, directed by Luis Prieto, is a simple but gripping concept in the mold of Liam Neeson's Taken or Denzel Washington's The Equalizer. Berry plays a mother who watches her son get kidnapped in a car with no license plate. Phoneless and in a panic, she tails the car and takes matters into her own hands once it's revealed there are few other recourses.

Watch the Kidnap trailer below. The film officially arrives in theaters December 2nd.