Next year, Just So and the Sheffield Doc/Fest will launch Postcards and the Just So Film Fund in order to promote and accelerate the newest wave of young filmmakers in the UK.

The fund will be distributing grants upwards of £5,000 to 12 filmmakers, all of which will be supported on the Postcards website. Then in June, three of those select films will be green-lit while the remaining nine projects will stay on the aforementioned site.

On the project, Just So co-founder Jono Stevens writes; "There has never been a better time to be a documentary filmmaker. Short documentaries are on the rise and we started Postcards to stoke the fires of the genre. In 1925 Grierson defined documentary as 'creative treatment of actuality' and we want to give filmmakers the opportunity to explore the limits of documentary and make films with as much focus on form as on content."

The six films available to currently watch on Postcards are: Five Stone of Lead, Aka Chan, Funabashi Dreams, Rocket Wars (see: above), Stopping Time and Soft Serve. The current deadline for the first round of new submissions ends January 31st.