One of the more curious inclusions at this year's Sundance Film Festival is Myrna The Monster from director Ian Samuels. A quick peek at the animated short (lasting a little over 14 minutes) reveals the iconic voice of punk icon Kathleen Hanna, voicing the titular character.

Produced by MTV Other, the ambiguous puppet Myrna is cast in a blended world between our reality and animated splits, but seemingly dealing with all-too-real scenarios, like screwing up at the laundromat and not getting the casting call at an audition. Music for the short is provided by YACHT members Jona Bechtolt, Rob Kieswetter, Jeffrey Brodsky (known as BOYS).

On the project, Samuels says, "I was walking downtown a couple years ago thinking; if you actually dropped a real live alien from the moon on the street somewhere, probably no one would notice. Maybe she's originally from someplace else, or had some work done, or is homeless, or just rolled out of bed at noon, or maybe it's Hollywood. She's just over there, going through the dumpster by Starbucks."

Check out the project below.