Director and cinematographer Morgan Cooper has brought us an intense, eloquent trailer of what The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would look like today, considering the 2019 zeitgeist. It is as gritty and dark as you may think while being hugely surprising in all the right ways as the 1990's Fresh Prince was a comedy starring Will Smith as a streetwise Philly youth who is sent to live with his aunt in LA.

The trailer stars Jerry Madison as Will SmithSherri Roulette-Mosley as Vy Smith, Granvile O'Neal as Uncle Phil, Kira Ashby as Aunt Viv, Jelani Talib as Carlton Banks, Rufus Burns as Jazz, Sada K. as Hilary Banks and Khrystal Coppage as Ashley Banks.

Follow Morgan Cooper on Twitter here and enjoy Cooper's trailer below, along with the show's original trailer.