Academy Award-winner Eddie Redmayne will be following up his roaring 2014-15 with another likely Oscar-worthy piece in Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl, which has a brand new trailer.

Redmayne teams up with Hooper, who directed the actor in 2012's remake of Les Misérables, to portray the life of Lili Eble, one of the first people to undergo a successful gender reassignment surgery. The story is based off the 2000 novel of the same name by writer and Random House executive editor David Ebershoff, following the tribulations of Elbe's life as she transitions from being Einar Wegener. Swedish actress and star of this summer's tremendous sci-fi thriller Ex Machina Alicia Vikander portrays Greta, Elbe's wife, who helps during the process.

The Danish Girl is set for U.S. release November 27th. Watch the official trailer below.