Debuting later this month at the annual Toronto Film Festival will be Born To Be Blue, the feature biopic of iconic jazz legend Chet Baker from director Robert Budreau. Now, fans can witness first hand the hyped on-screen portrayal of Baker by the always underrated Ethan Hawke.

In the short, but ultimately poignant teaser released, we witness a simple close-in shot of Hawke as Baker in the recording studio with the production staff behind the glass in awe of his effortless elegance. It's the first major release for the young Canadian director, who also directed a short documentary on Baker back in 2009.

Baker's celebrated and ultimately short life ended in 1988 at only 58 years of age. His career arc hit its peak with during the early 1950s before Baker even hit his mid-20s, becoming recognized as one of the few jazz trumpeters ever who could rival Miles Davis. It was during this time Baker became a notorious drug addict, getting kicked out of numerous countries during tours, sent to jail, and even suffering savage beatings from deals gone wrong that resulted him allegedly losing his teeth.

Born To Be Blue follows the later years of Baker's jazz career after his falls from grace and his attempted comebacks in the late '60s and '70s. The synopsis for the film reads, "Writer-director Robert Budreau immerses us in the seductive jazz milieu of the time, while anchoring Baker’s story in the larger context of 1960s America’s racial issues and ongoing political turmoil. Something much more than a standard biopic, Born to be Blue takes an imaginative approach true to its subject’s own creative nature, portraying the life of an artist whose contributions to the music world were as grand as his addictions were tragic."

Watch the teaser below and catch the film at the TIFF September 13th and 14th during the Special Presentations section.