No matter how many pieces or creations inspired for, or in admiration of Hayao Miyazaki impossibly wondrous work, it's still not enough to captivate how glorious his filmography truly is. But many can try, like film journalist Leigh Singer.

Singer put together a beautiful five-minute supercut featuring 15 of Miyazaki's films, celebrating what the filmmaker has been progressively celebrating for decades: strong female figures. Several of the films featured in Singer's The Heroines of Studio Ghibli are Spirited Away, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Totoro, as well as some of his slightly lesser-known works, like From Up On Poppy Hill and Pom Poko, among many others. Watch the cut below, which features some of the wonderful soundtracks from Miyazaki's longtime musical composition partner Joe Hisaishi.